Dinner Hack #1: District Fare

Wednesday night just became Roast Chicken Night thanks to the gloriously succulent birds this Hillcrest mainstay churns out on Hump Day. But Tuesday night? That’s Heat-n-Serve Lasagna Night. Thursday? Roast-Salmon-and-Veggies Night. Grab a salad, a baguette and maybe a jar of housemade rillettes or two, and darn it if you don’t see a stove again until Friday. (2807 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock; districtfare.com)

Dinner Hack #2: Heights Corner Market

It’s a cold February evening and you’ve already been to two basketball practices and still have to pick the little one up from gymnastics. Enter Heights Corner Market, where a couple pans of chicken spaghetti and some jalapeno cornbread are yours for the taking, because chicken spaghetti is exactly what you need right now and you didn’t even dirty a pan, you minx. (5018 Kavanaugh Blvd., Little Rock; heightscornermarket.com)

Dinner Hack #3: Boulevard Bistro

Sure, that table by the window looks cozy, but you’re in yoga pants and that half-a-season of The Crown isn’t exactly going to watch itself, amirite? Take that Grass Roots Farmers’ Co-op Chicken Marsala home with you care of Boulevard Bistro’s daily-specials-to-go service and don’t look back, sister—at least until you’ve got, you know, more appropriate pants. (1920 N. Grant St., Little Rock; boulevardbread.com)

Dinner Hack #4: Stratton’s market

Work downtown? Swing by Stratton’s on your way home and pick up an entree or four from the display case: spaghetti and meatballs for him, ahi tuna for you, mac ’n’ cheese and roasted veggies for them. Or, heck, mac ’n’ cheese for everyone. BONUS: THEY SELL WINE. (All caps warranted.) (405 E. 3rd St., Little Rock; strattonsmarketlr.com)

Dinner Hack #5: Catering to You

If you have a friend who truly loves you, you’ve been gifted a frozen Catering to You casserole during a time of need—maternity leave, general convalescence, bad breakup, what have you. But did you know that there’s a whole mess of goodness waiting for you in their display cases that doesn’t require an oven to reheat? Like grilled pork tenderloin? Chicken pot pie? Chicken-artichoke casserole? CRAB CAKES?! Call ahead to see what’s on the menu—but we promise, you won’t be disappointed. (8121 Cantrell Road, Little Rock; cateringtoyoulr.com)

Dinner Hack #6: Taziki’s cafe

You may think of Taziki’s as That Place with the Addictive Soup or That Place with Those Chicken Rollups, but know this: It’s also That Place with the Dinner for Four. Picture this: Enough roasted leg of lamb, basmati rice, greek salad and pita chips to appease you and even your pickiest of mini-yous. Done and done. (statewide; tazikiscafe.com)