IN TRUTH, it’s not a “coffee date,” because Stephanie Newcomb, who meets me post-workout (hers, not mine!) on a weekday afternoon, her skin glowing and her hair pulled back beneath a backwards black baseball cap, isn’t drinking coffee. She’s ordered a hot tea, and while I sip my second (OK: third!) café-au-lait of the day and we chat, I’m reconsidering all of my life choices. Stephanie, a Little Rock personal trainer, health coach and mother of three, is the kind of person who just radiates wellness. And I, a freelance writer and mother of two on the precipice of a stressful cross-country move … well, I don’t.

“New Year’s resoluuuutions,” she groans when I ask her the inevitable what-should-we-all-be-doing-this-January question. “I hate them! I have a group right now called Why Wait because … Why wait? If you want to start working out, getting healthy, why wait until January?” This might seem harsh, but in truth, there’s ZERO harsh about Stephanie or her approach to health and fitness. There’s nothing complicated, either. Yes, she trains clients in her studio every day from 5 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Yes, she authored a 75-page e-book, The Body Project, that promises to whip your booty into shape in eight weeks flat. Yes, she’s got years of experience and knowledge and certifications. But she wants me—well, all of us—to know that it’s really as simple as this: Move. Every day. And while you’re at it, cut back on the alcohol, the sugar and the processed foods. But really: Just move. Move, and see what happens.

“You might come into the studio in a bad mood, but you’re never going to leave in a bad mood,” she says. “Exercise is so good for the mind. I mean, you might be like, Why is this happening? in the middle of it, but you’re never going to regret it!”

1. “I think it’s super important to go out and do something different every now and again to kinda shock your body. I did a 5K yesterday, and you know what? I’m super sore today!”

2. “Teleties hairbands are a must—they just stay really good. And I always wear a hat.”

3. “Workout clothes! That’s what I wear every day, all day long. My favorite brands are Koral, out of Los Angeles, and P.E Nation, which is Australian—and Scarlet just started carrying both. Saves on shipping!”

4. “For kid snacks, we do avocado toast a lot. Or sometimes, we’ll do an Alvarado Street bagel, and I’ll put that Kite Hill cream cheese with sliced bananas and strawberries and granola. I’ve learned that when you make the presentation fun, they’re more prone to eat things. They’ll totally dig into it!”

5. “I make my own granola, and I sell it at the studio in Mason jars. It’s just oats, honey, Himalayan salt, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut oil, slivered almonds and pecans, and unsweetened coconut.”

6. “I start every day with a USANA Rev3 energy drink. It’s made with black and white tea, and the sugar is just from fruit, so it’s not refined sugar. And since I get up early and have to be on my ‘A’ game, I started drinking those a couple of years ago. That’s my coffee. I don’t know if I could function without them. Well, I could—just not as well.”

7. “I use the Fit Radio app because they already have playlists put together. I’m really into techno dance music and hip-hop, and on the app, they kind of combine those two, so it’s fun.”

8. “I feel like you’re going to succeed best if you work out in the mornings. You actually burn more fat in the mornings, and depending on what you do, you’re burning more calories throughout the day. And your mood will be good, so that’s a perk!”

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