What’s in Our Glass?

A hug in a glass, because you’re so full and don’t want anyone to touch you. Also, drinks for unwinding after the fam’s gone home

IDEALLY, IF YOU’RE around loved ones, you won’t want for hugs this holiday season—but should you find yourself in the odd emotional limbo of wanting hugs, yet being so full that you never want to be touched by anyone ever again … well, there’s an app for that. Or should we say, an aperitif?


Onyx Coffee Lab

Yerba cider, $4.00-$4.50

Le Pops

Hot chocolate, $2.95-3.75

South on Main

Hot Toddy, $10

YOU DON’T NEED us to remind you how stressful the holidays can be. Whose house are we going to for dinner? Who’s bringing the green-bean casserole? Why does Uncle Ray always want to talk politics? It’s enough to drive anyone to drink. Thankfully, these seasonal cocktails have arrived on bar lists at the adults’ table just in time for the holidays. 


The Foreman

Bushel & A Peck: notes of dried apple, lemon and licorice, $8

Big Orange

Funny Face: deep, hearty flavors of nutty coffee, almonds and a hint of smoke, $8.50

The Fold

Sip, Sippin’ on That: notes of lemon, bitter orange, vanilla and almonds, $8