What’s in Our Glass: It’s An Old-Fashioned

Oaxaca old-fashioned at Atlas Bar

The Drink:

Oaxaca Old-Fashioned at Atlas Bar, $6

The Dish on The Drink:

This worldly take on the granddaddy of cocktails, the Old-Fashioned, is actually rather new-fashioned when you get right down to it. There’s nary a drop of whiskey to be found here at all. Instead, following Atlas Bar’s globetrotting spirit (see what we did there?), this cocktail flies south of the border, opting for a mixture of both smooth reposado tequila and mezcal. The Oaxaca Old-Fashioned also swaps out the cocktail’s classic sugar cube for a more appropriate agave nectar. As for the bitters? Well, Angostura bitters, of course. It’s not a real Old-Fashioned without Angostura.

The Dish on How to Drink The Drink:

1224 Main St., Little Rock; Monday through Thursday: 3-11 p.m.; Friday and Saturday: 3 p.m. to midnight; atlassoma.com

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