What’s in Our Glass? It’s Milkshakes

In which our roving photographer extraordinaire makes us drool over her foodie finds

JUST ABOUT A week before we went to press, it was 68 degrees. In other words: 37 degrees above freezing. Although there’s sure to be colder climes as we dip deeper into December, perhaps a show or two of snow, the warmer winter weather’s got us feeling nostalgic for times when December meant snow boots, chains on the tires and slush balls. Fortunately, thanks to some longstanding scoop shops around the state, our options for nostalgia and frozen things can be found under the same roof. Also fortunate: If you’re looking for something that’s a little, more, um, warming, adult shakes at Purple Cow—which celebrated 30 years in July—may help melt any worries you’ve got about the weather (or about most anything else either).

The Purple Cow, Little Rock, Grasshopper shake, $7.50

Adultified with Crème de Menthe and Crème de Cacao

Another round? Try these

American Drive-in, Lincoln Butterscotch shake, $2.95-$3.55

Door to door, it’s 194 miles to the American Drive In from our Little Rock office—and we’d dare say the milkshakes are worth it.

Mammoth Orange Cafe, Redfield Strawberry shake, $2.95-3.94

At the iconic Redfield dairy bar, a milkshake is a milkshake. And the iconic structure is … a mammoth orange.