What’s on Our Plate? It’s a Honduran Burrito

In which our roving photographer extraordinaire makes us drool over her foodie finds

The Dish: 

Baleada from El Sur Street Food Co. food truck

The Dish on the Dish:

There are fightin’ words written on the side of El Sur’s food truck: “a baleada … is like a burrito but better.” But before any burrito aficionados and enthusiasts start lobbing their own responses to chef Luis Vasquez’s claim, weighing down the Honduran-inspired fare with their bandwagon-hopping, you’ve got to know this: It’s true. It’s true. It’s true. Pop open the to-go clamshell, look deep into the aluminum-foil wrapped goodness that is crema, pickled onions, avocado, plantains (the best part), refried red beans and your choice of meat (we’re partial to the birria, or short rib), and it’s just … it’s a thing of beauty. You can take our word for it.

(Editor’s note: You can order it con todo (with everything) or sencillo (simple, with just refried red beans, Honduran cheese and crema). But you should probably order it with everything.)

The Dish on How to Get The Dish:

Follow El Sur on Instagram (@elsurstreetfoodco) or Facebook (facebook.com/elsurstreetfoodco) to see where you can find them next. 

Ready for seconds? Try this


Arepas, $4.50

Per the truck, arepas are a cornmeal pancake with beef or chicken, avocado with cheese or pico. Honestly, they had us at “pancake.”

Taco, $3.50

We’re pretty partial to the short rib and al pastor tacos, but El Sur’s vegan options—namely, that cauliflower chorizo—gets us downright omnivorous.